Hartz Just For Cats 100% Pure Catnip – 1oz, Model:3270005231

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Age Range Description: All Life Stages

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Product Description

When Hartz 100% Catnip comes out, nap time is officially over. Made with just a single ingredient, it’s just what your kitty needs for a super-charged play session. All natural, and non-toxic to pets, catnip mimics the stimulation your furry friend’s ancestors experience from tracking down prey in the wild. A pinch of this irresistible nip goes a long way. Sprinkle it on a scratcher, stuff inside a toy, or lightly dust your indoor cat’s favorite lounging areas to spark a round of exercise.
Catnip stimulates your favorite feline to encourage play and increase exercise to inspire even the most inactive cats to play on all four paws
Includes 1 ounce of catnip that’s been dried and processed for easy sprinkling or stuffing. Comes in a convenient, resealable pouch
Sprinkle on surfaces to attract your playful pal like scratchers, toys and bedding – cats won’t be able to resist
The effects of catnip last between 10-20 minutes for a healthy play session

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